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Health & Safety Report 2014

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The Health & Safety Report 2014 is available to download and view on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or kindle. 


It provides:

A detailed summary of the UK offshore oil and gas industry’s safety performance

An overview of the safety-related projects being carried out across the industry

An explanation of how the safety agenda is being effectively managed by Oil & Gas UK and its members


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1 Foreword

2 Health: Significant Issues and Activities

3 Safety Performance

4 Safety: Significant Issues and Activities

5 Offshore Helicopter Transport Safety Record

6 Regulatory Consultations

7 Oil & Gas UK’s Work in Representative Bodies

8 Step Change in Safety

9 Publications

10 Oil & Gas UK Health and Safety Events from 2013 to 2014

11 Focus Areas for 2014

12 Glossary


Supporting Documents

1. A complete listing of the 73 reportable accidents involving helicopters serving the UK offshore oil and gas sector from 1976 to 2013 

2.  A list of industry-led safety initiatives for helicopter operations and Civil Aviation Agency research projects