About the Industry


The UK offshore industry’s goal of becoming the safest oil and gas exploration and production province in the world was established in 1997. In this section, you can find out about progress on injuries and dangerous occurrences.

However, efforts to improve safety began long before. Piper Alpha in particular was a turning point for the UK oil and gas industry. The disaster, which claimed 167 lives on 6 July 1988, had a huge impact, leading to significant changes in the industry’s approach to safety management, regulation and training. Those changes began with the public inquiry chaired by Lord Cullen and remain in place today. Please find out more about the lessons learnt from Piper Alpha here.

In July 2011, HSE published its 2010/2011 offshore safety statistics which showed there had been a reduction in the number of hydrocarbon releases compared to the previous year, a reduction in the number of major injuries sustained and a reduction in the number of over-three-day injuries.

Oil & Gas UK's health and safety director, Robert Paterson, talks about the industry's performance in a webcast available here.