Economic Report 2011

Employment by Region

figure 42 234w jpgThe employment generated by the industry is directly related to the rate of investment in new production and continuing expenditure on existing operations. Whilst this has sometimes been reflected in the swings in employment witnessed over the last decade, other factors such as price inflation (which reduces purchasing power) also has an impact on employment trends.

The industry provides employment across the whole of the United Kingdom, with Scotland having the largest share which is clearly seen in Figures 42 and 43. Around 45% of the 340,000 UKCS related jobs are located in Scotland, but it should not be over-looked that this means 55% of the jobs lie elsewhere in the UK. This is not a purely Aberdeencentric industry and the benefits of the oil and gas industry in terms of employment are widespread, not just in major cities, but also in the more remote areas of the country (see Figures 39 and 45).

Other regions in the rest of Britain which have sizable employment proportions are London and South-East England (21%), North-West England (6%), West Midlands (5%) and Eastern England (5%). The latest analysis demonstrates that each £billion spent by the industry in the UKCS currently delivers between 15,000 and 20,000 jobs, depending on the balance of spending between operations and capital investment.

figure 43 300w jpg

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