Economic Report 2011

Employment Distribution by Industry and Sector

figure 44 300w jpgThere is a wide range of industries which benefit from the economic activity of the oil and gas sector. Using the ONS’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, Experian has analysed the expenditure of the industry and used the data to map which industrial sectors gain the largest employment from the economic activity. A large proportion of employment is provided by construction (16%), structural metal products (12%) and architectural activities and technical consultancy (10%) which together account for 45% of the total capital expenditure on the UKCS. There is also significant employment within nontechnical areas such as business services (8%), legal activities (6%) and banking and finance (6%). The nature of the categories used by the ONS tends to group a wide range of companies under a fairly small number of SIC codes; Oil & Gas UK believes that this does not do justice to the diversity of employment and skills found across the sector and its supply chain. A broad summary of employment in UK oil and gas related work by industry is provided in Figure 44 which shows oil and gas related employment in different industrial sectors, where the area of each bubble is directly proportional to the number of jobs represented by that bubble.

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