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M2M for Oil and Gas
28 - 29 April 2014
Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London

SMi’s M2M for Oil and Gas will address how the industry is addressing the challenges of managing, monitoring and controlling assets and processes through new automation and communication technologies.

The market for wireless M2M applications in the oil and gas industry has entered a growth phase with the installed base of active oil & gas M2M devices forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.5 percent from 164,000 units at the end of 2011 to 435,000 units by 2016. The installed base of cellular and satellite based M2M devices in 2016 are forecasted to be 275,000 units and 160,000 units respectively. It is anticipated that onshore well field equipment monitoring and inland pipeline monitoring will be the top two applications for wireless M2M in the oil & gas industry.

Against this backdrop, SMi’s 2nd annual M2M for Oil and Gas conference will address these developments in wireless technologies such as private radio, cellular and satellite communication, which can provide high performance online connectivity at reasonable cost. The two-day conference programme will feature case studies from Shell, BP and Petrobot among others, sharing essential insight on how these combined components enable the delivery of operations management, equipment management and regulatory compliance applications linking remote equipment and enterprise IT systems.

Key Speakers include:
• Berry Mulder, Global Program Leader Wireless Technology for Process Facilities, Shell
• Blaine Tookey, Senior Technology Consultant Chief Technology Office, BP
• Brian Partridge, Vice President, Yankee Group
• Olivier Pauzet, VP Marketing & Market Strategy, Sierra Wireless
• Prof. Rita Marcella, Dean of Faculty, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
• Tjibbe Bouma, CEO, Petrobot Project EU Commission

Plus - don't miss the post-conference workshop on:
Big Data in M2M for Oil and Gas | Led by Ali Rebaie, Independent Big Data Analyst & Consultant, Rebaie Analytics Group | 30th April 2014, London, UK


Oil & Gas Companies, Public Sector and Academics: £899.00
Commercial Organisations: £1499.00

For more information and bookings please click here.


PsychaLogica Seminar
Behavioural Safety: A Mickey Mouse solution for an Einstein problem?
22 May 2014
Norwood Hall Hotel, Aberdeen

The link between safety and behaviour is well accepted. As a response, “behavioural safety” as a subject has grown to be a major intervention. Unfortunately the result is at best inconsistent and one might even argue the approach has served to blind us from the real issues.

The evidence lies in the fact that behavioural accidents persist - including major organisational incidents and multiple fatalities. Why might this be?

This is a seminar that not only recognises the link between behaviour and safety but also focuses on the adequacy of “behavioural safety” as a solution.

For further information on this event please contact Sue Hutton-Ashkenny on 01283 792059 or e-mail.


Beyond Safety Culture: Improving behaviours in your organisation 
3 June 2014

This practical and interactive safety culture seminar, delivered by highly experienced psychologists and human factors specialists, will equip you with an awareness of:

How to use the Safety Climate Tool (SCT) and interpret the results
How the SCT can be incorporated into a wider behavioural change programme
How to develop suitable interventions both on an organisational and individual level
The factors that can influence human behaviour
The importance of leadership and worker engagement for a sustainable behaviour change programme

This one-day seminar involves interactive exercises with trainer led learning to ensure key skills are developed:

Going beyond the SCT: understanding human behaviour
How to influence behaviour: getting the context right
How to influence behaviour: getting your workforce to think
How to influence behaviour: acting on subconscious drivers
Making the change: action planning

Who should attend 'Beyond Safety Culture':

Health and safety managers / directors
Company directors
Those who have recently purchased or are considering purchasing the SCT and are looking at how the results can be used to improve safety culture and effectively change behaviour
Individuals who have attended our Behavioural Change course may not benefit from this event.

The seminar will start from 9am with a networking breakfast and finish at approx 4pm.

For more information and to book this seminar please go to the website here

Composites in teh Offshore Oil and Gas Sector
3 June 2014

Health and Safety Labratory is to run a 1 day course on Composites in the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector in Aberdeen. 

For more information and booking please see the website here

Premiam - Post Spill Monitoring Conference
4 June 2014
SOAS London

The aim of the Premiam conference is to provide a forum for scientists, regulators and other professionals working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring to share experience, best practice and knowledge to the wider marine emergency response community. This meeting will cover the importance of preparedness, coordination and identified funding/support to the effective conduct of marine environmental monitoring in an emergency context and will investigate the status of existing arrangements.

For more information and bookings please see the website here

ICAS Oil and Gas Conference 
5 June 2014
The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

With 2014 set to be a pivotal year for the future of the UK oil and gas industry, ICAS invites you to join in the discussion and debate with industry experts regarding the challenges facing the industry. Spiralling costs, project delays and stretched resources are all pressures that the UK oil and gas industry face. Is the industry on the decline as some reports suggest? This conference aims to address these issues with key speakers from within the industry; an interactive panel session and a key note session from Colin Welsh of Simmons and Company International.

£212.00 + VAT ICAS Member
£250.00 + VAT Non-member

For more information please see the website here

To book please contact: ICAS's Learning and Development team on 0131 3470232 (option 2) or email

The 2014 Welding Institute Annual Conference
Welding and Integrity challenges for offshore
11 June 2014
Aberdeen Airport Thistle Hotel, Aberdeen

Details for this event can be found here.

Institute of Travel and Meetings - Forum
13 June 2014
Park Inn, Aberdeen

Discover the latest developments in travel within the Oil, Gas, Marine & Energy sectors.
The day has been designed for Travel Managers and Buyers and will provide useful insight into how best to maximise efficiencies in this industry.
Topics include: Air programme management, Data, improving the pre and post travel process for crew rotation, expats and business travellers, communication & compliance, hotel negotiations and industry Affairs.

For full details of this event please click here

Advanced EOR 2014
25-26 June 2014

Advanced EOR 2014 is a unique event, dedicated to educating the engineers involved in all aspects of enhanced oil recovery. From pinpointing the correct location to drill, to operating the lift pumps and filtration systems, to the procedures in place to obtain licenses and permits for the North Sea; this event will provide updates on all the key areas of EOR. Not forgetting arguably the most important element of EOR, the event will update engineers on the most effective methods to extract oil and those chemicals which are being tested to increase the percentage of oil extracted.

For more information please see the webiste, email or call 020 7973 1258.

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