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Activity Survey cover web pngEach year, Oil & Gas UK surveys its member companies for their plans for exploration, investment and production. The Activity Survey 2014 is now available to download and view on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or kindle. 

Our digital publication has been optimised so you can enjoy it on any device. You can also bookmark sections and share content with colleagues, all within your interactive edition.

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Facts and Figures at a Glance

Click on the link to see the Activity Survey 2014 infographic

Oil Gas UK Activity Survey 2014 Infographic png



1. Foreword

2. Summary of Findings

3. Reserves Maturation 

4. Drilling Activity

5. Total Expenditure 

6. Investment

7. Operating Expenditure 

8. Production 

9. Decommissioning 

10. Oil and Gas Prices 

11. Summary Table of Key Statistics