Energising the Nation's Future

We are proud to work in the oil and gas industry here in the UK:


  • Our industry is the single largest industrial contributor to the UK economy.


  • In addition to our economic contribution, and our role in protecting energy security, our industry is a world-class driver of innovation in British science, technology, and engineering, both within the oil and gas operating community, supply chain and related industries.


  • Our sector also creates and sustains an impressive number of skilled, well paid and valued jobs. Unfortunately, these facts are not well known or understood.


  • Our industry is helping to reinvigorate the UK economy and contribute significantly to the national skills base – but, in common with other industries we need the certainty of a consistent, stable and collaborative policy environment.


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Proud to be in Oil & Gas

Facts need human interest stories to bring them to life and make them compelling and engaging. 

That’s why we asked for your help to gather the information and stories we need to bring alive the hard facts of our economic contribution, innovation and provision of skilled jobs.  To tell our story widely we have to be proud of the contribution we make and share that information.

You can read some of the stories we found here.



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