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Welcome to our Spring 2014 issue of Wireline, the magazine for the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Our quarterly publication showcases the activities of our members and provides you with the latest news, views, interviews and in-depth features covering the breadth of the industry. To keep up to date download the latest edition


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Latest issue – Spring 2014

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Smart thinking  working with universities
Industry’s long-standing collaboration with academia proves that often ‘two heads are better than one’. BP, ABB and Senergy discuss how their partnerships with UK universities are advancing research and development, addressing the skills shortages and raising the profile of oil and gas.


Grand designs  product development
A defining characteristic of the UK offshore oil and gas sector is the proven ability of industry players to innovate. AGR, AVEVA and Meta shed some light on their entrepreneurial and product development strategies.


Activity Survey 2014
Presenting some of the key facts and figures from Oil & Gas UK’s Activity Survey 2014.


Wood Review  Q&A with Sir Ian Wood
Sir Ian Wood talks to Wireline about his recommendations for Maximising Economic Recovery from the UK Continental Shelf following his independent review.


Mission control – PILOT forum drives forward
PILOT, the government-industry forum, is working on a number of initiatives to help secure the next phase of the UK Continental Shelf. Wireline reports


Standing tall – elected safety representatives
Wireline celebrates the inspirational work of elected safety representatives ahead of the annual UK Oil and Gas Industry Safety Awards.


Island hopping – from the Caribbean to the UK
William Pridgeon’s interest in the UK oil and gas sector was instilled from a young age. The dimensional control surveyor at Scopus Engineering talks about his voyage from the Caribbean to the UK Continental Shelf.


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